Electrolysis or Laser Hair Removal…What’s the Difference?


Laser Hair Removal:  Melanin(color) in the hair absorbs energy from the laser, creating heat which damages the hair follicle. Depending on the area treated, hair will shed out in 7-21 days. Ideal for large body areas.  White, blonde, red and grey hairs are not suitable for laser treatments. White skin and dark hair are the ideal candidates for successful laser, darker skin is more challenging and have a higher risk of complications.

Electrolysis:  A micro pulse of electricity applied from a probe in the natural opening of the hair follicle targets the growth structure of the hair root, disconnecting the blood supply (food source that nourishes hair) and destroys growth cells. The hair shaft is released by the process and permanently removed.  This is the tried and true solution, performed by electrologists.


Laser Hair Removal: Provides permanent hair reduction.

Electrolysis: The ONLY method of hair removal recognized by the FDA as permanent hair removal.

Areas of the Body

Laser Hair Removal: Not recommended around the eyes. Care must be taken when treating hormonal areas on women’s faces, as Laser/IPL could stimulate more hair.

Electrolysis: Suitable for all areas of the body and face, including eye brows.

Skin/Hair types

Laser Hair Removal: Most effective for those with dark hair and light skin.

Electrolysis: Suitable for every hair and skin colour or type.

Comfort Level

Laser Hair: Has improved vastly in the last few years with built in cooling systems and SHR IN MOTION technology.

Electrolysis: Varies by client sensitivity and area being treated.  Comfort can be increased through relaxation, hydration, adjustments to treatment settings, and topical anaesthetics.

Applying cosmeceutical skincare prior and after electrolysis treatment, so skin is clear and healthy.

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