Laser/IPL stimulated hair growth.

Over many years, I have clients often complaining that “I did laser hair removal on my face to get rid of the hair and it caused more hair to grow. It didn’t work and I’ve wasted so much time and money, and I wished I’d never done it.”

Treating facial hair with laser is not for everyone, even if the hair is dark enough. It is important to understand that different outcomes from laser on the face can vary, and not everyone is an ideal candidate.

How laser can stimulate hair growth

The official term for increased hair growth resulting from laser hair removal is paradoxical hypertrichosis. There is no conclusive scientific evidence as yet, but there are enough people affected by this phenomenon to be a recognised problem caused by laser hair removal.

Laser and IPL can have the opposite effect, especially on your face, causing rebound growth in hormonal areas such as the sides of face, neck, chin and breasts. Hair density increases and can sprout in areas nearby where there was no visible hair.

The human body is covered in hair, except for the palms of hands and soles of feet. Many of the hair follicles are dormant, or only grow fine, unpigmented hairs, known as vellus hairs. By having laser, the heat from the laser warms the skin, stimulating these hairs into longer and thicker hairs than the vellus hairs originally treated, but are still not dark and thick enough for the laser to be effective.

This is why further treatments with laser or IPL/SHR hair removal on areas that have stimulated hair growth should cease.

What to do if you have laser induced hypertrichosis

If laser isn’t the correct solution for removing your unwanted hair, Geelong Laser and Electrolysis Clinic can offer the perfect alternative- Electrolysis permanent hair removal. Electrolysis treats each hair individually, selecting only the hairs that need removing. It does not expose any dormant follicles to heat or light. Electrolysis does NOT cause more hair to grow.

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