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Diode Laser is the most effective Laser Hair Removal system available.

Diode lasers have a 810 nanometer wavelength. The depth of the laser wavelength is a key factor influencing treatment efficacy and complication results. Medical studies have proven the 810nm wavelength to be the best treatment option, as it requires less sessions, less painful and more effective treating Fitzpatrick 1-3 skin types (light skin tones).

Laser treatments can remove hair from larger surface area on the body, but several treatments are necessary to be effective.

The melanin in the hair follicles is targeted during the growth phase. There are several stages of growth, and because all hair may not grow uniformly, and be in different stages of growth at the time of treatment, most people require repeated laser treatments spaced from four to ten weeks apart to achieve the best hair removal results.

The next cycle of hair growth needs to be visible before having another laser treatment.

The number of treatments required varies depending on skin color, hair type, and treatment area for each individual. During the consultation, you will be advised an estimate of the number of treatments that will be required. Our goal is to achieve the results you want in the least number of treatments, which means less money and time invested.

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Laser Hair Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many treatments of laser hair removal will I need to permanently remove all hair?

    The number of treatments needed to remove hair is individual and may differ, depending on the epilated area. Underarms, bikini and legs usually require about 6-8 treatments. During our many years of experience, we have come across cases where remarkable effects were visible after the second treatment. Facial areas usually require more treatments.

    Men, due to a high number of hormones responsible for production of hair and its growth, need to repeat the treatment as per their individual hair growth pattern. It is very important that you see a huge difference after the first treatment, 30-50% less hair. Women who suffer from diagnosed hormonal disorders but don’t treat them, need to have many more treatments. In this case, laser is the only effective help, often recommended by endocrinologists.

    To remove unwanted hair, you need regular treatments – every 2 months (it’s very important for the first three treatments). Longer intervals between the treatments have a negative final effect.

    The efficacy of the LightSheer is the most efficient on the market, which means, less treatments = less costs.

  • Laser or Electrolysis?

    A combination of laser hair removal and electrolysis works well for many people. Laser is a fast method for removing dark hair from light skin toned people. Electrolysis is the recommended method of hair removal for the face and neck and is often used as a follow-up treatment to laser hair removal on the body. Electrolysis is also the recommended method of hair removal for clients with darker skin tones due to laser’s paradoxical side effect.

    A paradoxical side effect of laser hair removal has been noted in people with darker skin tones. Middle Eastern, Hispanic, Indian, African American, and Mediterranean individuals whose skin was exposed to laser light during the normal course of laser hair removal treatment, started growing excessive amounts of hair. The phenomenon is known as Laser-Induced Hypertrichosis and appears to have the most profound effect on the face and neck. Research continues into the cause of this phenomenon.

  • Will my hair never grow back after a series of treatments?

    About 80-90% of unwanted hair can be removed after a series of treatments. The remaining hair is more sparse, fair and weak. As time passes, the human body can stimulate new hair growth, so new hairs may grow. That is why we suggest doing a maintenance treatment as required, to keep your skin smooth. However, if you don’t have maintenance treatments, your hair won’t return to the condition before the laser hair removal for some years, but its numbers could be increasing each year. Hair regrowth is very individual – some of our clients have maintenance every 2-3 years, because they don’t require laser hair removal earlier.

  • Are there any contraindications to the treatment?

    We present a complete list of contraindications to laser hair removal below:

    grey, blond or red hair
    tan (a tan acquired in a solarium/ by sunbathing or a fake tan acquired by self-tanners/bronze creams)
    local treatment with creams containing retinol, vitamin A, C, fruit acids and exfoliating medicines (don’t use them 3 weeks before the treatment)
    oral treatment with retinoids – Roaccutane, Izotek (6 months before the treatment)
    antibiotics and light-sensitizing medicines (2 weeks before the treatment)
    light-sensitizing medicine and herbal therapy (St John’s wort, marigold, slimming tea 2 weeks before the treatment)
    hair removal with wax, epilators or tweezers (a month before the treatment)
    chemical hair removal with creams (a week before the treatment)
    photo epilation IPL (a month before the treatment)
    peelings (one week before the treatment)
    skin infections
    cancers and tumours
    psoriasis (in active phase, on the affected spot)
    vitiligo (medical consultation is recommended)
    X-ray imaging (one week before the treatment)

  • How should I prepare myself before the laser hair removal treatment?

    You must read the contraindications. When you have met all the requirements, book an appointment for a free consultation and test patch.

    Your skin should be shaved, preferably on the day of treatment (so that your hair hasn’t grown back yet). Grey, blond and red hair cannot be treated by using lasers (due to lack of melanin). If you have any doubt about your hair color, please leave an unshaven part of your skin (2×2 cm) to assess the color and thickness.

    Your skin should be washed and free of any creams.

    When removing facial hair, please wash your make-up off completely. You can do it in our clinic.

    If your skin is very dry and irritated within the area to be epilated, you may apply some soothing cream, minimum 8 hours before the treatment.

    When removing hair from sensitive places such as armpits or deep bikini, we recommend that you use additional numbing anaesthetic cream (Dr Numb, LMX5 or Emla) if pain is a concern. The cream should be applied minimum an hour and a half before the treatment and the epilated area should be wrapped with a plastic cling wrap. You can do that by yourself or in our clinic. The cling wrap should be removed just before the treatment.

  • Is laser hair removal painful?

    Most lasers ARE painful, as the heat needed to destroy the follicle needs to be strong enough to actually work!

    When hair is removed by laser, you feel some “flicking rubber band sensations”. The pain intensity depends on epilated areas. Armpits, Brazilians, bikini and upper lip are the most sensitive areas. Arms and legs are definitely less sensitive.

    Obviously, discomfort is an individual issue. We provide a complete range of anaesthetizations – cold compresses, cold packs and anaesthetic creams (Emla, Dr Numb, LMX 5)

  • Can I have laser hair removal if my skin is tanned?

    Suntan and solarium tan, tan acquired by self-tan lotions and bronze creams are the main contraindications to the treatment of laser hair removal. It is related to absorption of laser beam by melanin (dark pigment in the skin and hair). Unfortunately, as for the tanned or dark skin, a laser beam will be dispersed all over the skin and burns will occur, instead of going straight to the hair follicle and destroying it. Fair skin and dark hair is recommended for laser hair removal. After tanning, you should wait at least a month before having a laser treatment.

    If your skin is still tanned after a month, we suggest that you visit us for a consultation and to do a laser test. If we think your skin may be problematic, we will do a test and wait 24 hours to see its reaction. The test performed on your skin is a safe method to check if you can have a treatment. It makes selecting the most effective settings easier.

  • Do I have to shave my hair before the treatment?

    Before the treatment you need to shave your hair, preferably on the day of treatment. The laser affects hair roots, i.e. the part under your skin. The shaft (part above the skin surface) would burn if using a laser beam, causing epidermal micro-injuries.

    When preparing your skin for the treatment, you should shave it wet and use shave foam or gel.

  • Do I have to shave my upper lip?

    Many women have a problem about having to shave their face before laser. It’s usually related to the belief that hair which regrows after shaving is stronger and darker. This myth was proven wrong a long time ago. Studies carried out by scientists have proven that cutting some part of hair doesn’t change its structure, and doesn’t affect its regrowth.

    The structure of human hair is similar to a pencil which is narrower at the end. When we shave our hair, the hair seems to be thicker and darker when regrown.

    Occurrence of strong and dark hair in places where it wasn’t before is usually related to changes in your endocrine system, not because of hair removal.

    As for delicate and thin hair on the upper lip, you can have a treatment without shaving it earlier. We will assess if your hair is suitable for the treatment and shave or trim it immediately before laser hair removal.

  • What does the skin look like after the treatment?

    After the treatment erythema and small swelling around hair follicles appear. Such reactions are normal and indicate an effective laser treatment. The level of irritation depends on the hair type – whether strong, dark or more delicate hair was removed.

    Skin reactions seem to be stronger from thick, black hair and darker skin, than finer hair and fair skin. As for the former (besides reddening and swelling), dark, tiny spots appear on the skin – these are burnt hairs which crumble within 3-4 days. The skin needs about one and a half weeks to recover completely.

    In case of delicate hair there is only reddening which disappears within the next few hours. After the treatment you may feel warmth on the epilated area for approximately 2 hours, but no pain is felt. A few days after the treatment you can experience itching. It is very important not to scratch and irritate the skin. Occasionally, such reactions can last longer – for a few days. That’s why it is so important to follow our instructions and care for your skin properly.

  • Can I apply make-up after the treatment?

    Immediately after the treatment we apply Aloe Vera or K Ceutic SPF50 to the skin. It’s better not to apply make-up on very irritated skin, you should wait a few hours to recover. There are no contraindications in case of smaller irritation to apply a delicate powder and cover the reddening.

  • What should I avoid after the treatment?

    Don’t tan – avoid the sun and apply creams with a K Ceutic SPF 50 UVA/UVB for minimum of 3 weeks after the treatment.

    Don’t use any exfoliating creams for at least 2 weeks after the treatment.

    3 or 4 days after the treatment:

    don’t irritate your skin in the area where hair has been laser removed,
    don’t use hot water, only baths and showers in moderate temperature are recommended,
    don’t go to public swimming pools or spas,
    Bepanten, Panthenol cream, K Ceutic or Solugel ointment should be used – 2 or 3 times a day.

  • What is the difference between the brazilian and the standard bikini?

    Both bikini versions vary with the range of epilated area. Standard bikini includes only a 3-4 cm wide area running from the groin to the leg. Brazilian can be full but you can leave some part of your hair (for example a strip on the mons or labia). It’s important to shave the hair which you don’t want before the treatment, and leave only the hair you do not want to be removed.

  • I have fair hair – can I do laser hair removal?

    The diode laser affects melanin – a pigment responsible for dark hair color. Blonde, red and grey hair doesn’t have enough pigment to be treated effectively. Unfortunately, laser doesn’t remove fair hair permanently. However, hair with some pigment may shed after the treatment. Fortunately, there is another method available for permanent removal of fair hair – ELECTROLYSIS.

  • Is ingrown hair a contraindication to the treatment?

    Hair often tends to be ingrown when you use wax, shaving or an epilator. Small spots can also occur on the skin – this is called folliculitis. Both problems are an indication to have laser hair removal. After a series of treatments, your hair is removed permanently – the cause of skin problems disappears forever. The skin starts to recover, all marks disappear (besides scars).

  • Can teenagers have laser hair removal?

    Nowadays, more and more young people have problems with excessive hair growth all over their body. It could be related to the environment we live in and particularly to what we eat. Many foods which we consume have growth hormones, which can affect our body. Hair growth is strictly related to changes in our endocrine system.

    Laser hair removal can be carried out at any age, however, it is not advisable for very young people because their hair growth can change. The amount of hair can increase or decrease due to so-called raging hormones in adolescence. Young clients can start their laser hair removal at the age of 16, when hormones start to balance. Clients under the age of 18 have to attend with a parent for their first treatment.

  • Is laser hair removal safe?

    Comfort and safety of our clients are our priorities, so we only use medical devices which have reached all FDA requirements and standards. Our staff have years of experience and great skills in laser hair removal.

    The Lightsheer™ Diode Laser System obtained a renown worldwide safety and quality certificate issued by the American Food and Drug Administration. A positive opinion issued by FDA is also considered beyond the US to be a quality indicator and confirmation of non-occurrence of negative effects on health. Furthermore, the LightSheer™ Diode Laser System also has other certificates of relevant European institutions such as ISO 9001.

  • Will laser hair removal leave any permanent marks/scars?

    Complications after laser hair removal occur very rarely. Pigment changes in the skin can occasionally occur i.e. staining or discoloration. They can potentially last for several months. There is also a risk of bacterial or viral infections, usually related to non-compliance with the post-treatment instructions. Nearly all the complications can be treated without leaving any permanent marks on the skin.

  • What is the difference between Lightsheer diode laser and IPL?

    Both devices have different effectiveness and technology.

    Lasers are a collimated beam of light that targets one specific “Chromophore”- pigmented hair, that is destroyed by the heat from the light.

    The IPL, sometimes incorrectly called a laser, is a convergent light. This device includes a Xenon lamp which irradiates hair, delaying its regrowth. The IPL is not able to remove hair permanently, it can only weaken it or make it fairer. Unfortunately, regrowing hair after a series of IPL treatments causes pigment to be partially lost, so it’s definitely more difficult to remove it with a laser afterwards. That’s why you should think about an appropriate laser hair removal method from the very beginning.

    If you want to get rid of unwanted hair for good, choose Diode Laser.


Geelong Laser and Electrolysis Clinic has given me a true feeling of comfort and confidence. Not only has Helen made me feel good about my hair removal decision, the environment in her clinic makes my sessions very pleasurable. I am glad I choose GLEC for my hair removal treatments.

Debbie, Highton

Helen is so welcoming and accommodating, she made what can be an embarrassing situation very comfortable.  The results have been great and whilst I appreciate the service and expertise I receive when visiting Helen, I am happy to say the results mean my visits are occurring less frequently.

Justine, Belmont

I came to Helen about a year ago, wanting laser hair treatment on my full legs.  Since my hair was darker and coarser on my lower leg, it worked wonderfully.  The upper leg was a little more difficult to treat since the hair is lighter there.  Although there was success, especially with ingrown hairs on the backs of my thighs and darker hairs near my bikini line I followed up the laser treatment with some electrolysis and I have had wonderful results.

Samantha, Jan Juc

As a 45 year old male, I had ear and nose hair that I was tired of plucking.  Fortunately, I found Helen.  She explained that due to the thickness of my hairs, it would probably take about a year of treatments (once a fortnight initially, then monthly).  A year later, the hair has stopped.  I was really impressed with Helen’s professionalism, she would explain what she was doing and why she was doing it, which was very important to me. What separates Helen from her competition is that she truly knows how her customers feel about unwanted hair and she enjoys helping them get rid of it and seeing the results.

Barry, Geelong West

I am a 25-year-old male with a mono brow. I have tweezed it for years and wanted to get rid of it. After finally plucking up the courage to do something about it, I am well on the way to losing the dreaded mono.

Andrew, Herne Hill

My electrolysis experience with Helen has been unparalleled. Helen is highly skilled, caring, and honest – I trust her assessment of my skin and know she has my best interests, not my wallet, in mind. I walk out with minimal skin irritation (if any) and NO scars, pits, etc. I highly recommend Helen for permanent hair removal.

Margaret, Newtown

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